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Electrical - Photovoltaic power plants - service

Electrical Installations

We provide complete construction services mainly for energy, industry and government. We also provide facilities for the civil sector and the authorities. All employees are regularly trained in both safety and the new technological procedures. For example: work at heights, work under stress, processes for cable networks HV, LV, etc.


Solar power plants

We supply solar power plants or their component parts. The scope of its activities in solar technology are continually expanding and improving the quality. All employees are regularly trained on new technologies and new technological processes. The company cooperates with many domestic and foreign partners in the field of photovoltaics.

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Latest projects:

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Q2 2016

Výstavba rozvodny a kabelového přívodu 22 kV pro Nejdeckou česárnu vlny

Q4 2015

Výstavba přívodního vzdušného vedení 22 kV pro větrné elektrárny Jindřichovice 2010

Q3 2015

Rekonstrukce vzdušného vedení 0,4 kV v celé obci Boč u Karlových Varů